Our GREAT Range of CleanJuice Products are used daily by people and businesses in a wide variety of applications and we keep getting surprised by the new uses found for our amazing CleanJuice.

We often receive feedback on our products so we thought we'd share some of their experiences.

CleanJuice in Action

If you're tired of scrubbing barbeque plates then we have the answer!

CleanJuice BBQ Cleaner will easily dissolve away fats and baked on food and of course it's food safe.

Soon we'll have some live videos demonstrating the amazing power of CleanJuice.


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Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the Clean Juice Chemical.
I recently used the chemical for a variety of purposes and I can not fault this product at all. It's brings up stainless steel appliances better than any other chemical I have used. It also cleans up kitchen floors with grease, fat & oil spills without leaving any residue.
The product not only does it's job but also saves me time & effort.
It should also be noted that clients who I have used the product for have also been impressed with the final outcome.
I would recommend Clean Juice to anyone.
Luke Mahoney
State Manager
Absolutely Spotless Cleaning


As you know I have been using your Citrus Juice for the past 4 months and I am writing to you to tell you some of the fantastic results we have experienced.

First of all we use it as a spotter for those hard to remove grease and oil stains. Depending on the situation we may blot out stains with Citrus Juice and paper towel, or, simple use it to focus on heavy staining  prior to prespray. We have found it dissolves the stain and makes it easier to remove when carpet shampooing. We have got best results to using this as a concentrate.

We also use Citrus Juice as a prespray on most carpets, does the job extremely well, is biodegradable, which is a good selling point and smells great. We get so many good comments about the fresh smell it leaves.

We have used it to remove dried paint left by painters on a whole office building floor, used it to blot out some ink from the carpet and worked wonders on oil based crayon on a carpet in a child care centre and just dissolved oil and grease walked into the carpet in a heavy engineering plant.

Aside from carpets we have had great results by adding an extra service like removing grease oil and dust from air-conditioning ducts. I have never used anything which breaks down the grease and leaves the surface looking almost like new. The customers have been very pleased.

I am sure as time passes I will experience more and more benefits of your Citrus Juice.

It does a great job as a prespray and concentrate spotter. We have found is useful for removing  many different types of stains that you would usually use three or four different product, therefore much more convenient.

I hope this gives you some feedback to help other carpet cleaners with their stains problems.

Kind Regards

Dennis Perin
High Priority Carpet Services