is an alternative to traditional harsh solvents.
CleanJuice is Australian-made and AQIS Approved.

Today the Citrus cleaner has been embraced by every conceivable Industry as an effective, dilutable and safe cleaning solution.

CleanJuice Citrus Cleaner is strong enough for cleaning Commercial Kitchens, Hotels and Restaurants, removing baked on food from BBQ’s, Stoves and Ovens, removing fatty deposits from tiles, floors and shower recesses and it will even degrease Diesel engines, but it's gentle enough with Dilution, for jewellery. ( SEE it in ACTION )

There are over 1 million uses for CleanJuice Citrus Cleaner and because it has no harsh chemicals or no harsh solvents it is therefore suitable for use in food environments.

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CleanJuice CITRUS CLEANER is supplied as a Liquid Concentrate and is usually added to water in a 10:1 ratio (10 being water), so it represents superb value for money!
AQIS Approved